• start

    an old house Gerardo bewitched.

  • october 2005

    years later following an odyssey of building permits our dream begins to emerge...

  • november 2005

    to share this house with anyone who wishes to lose themselves within its walls, its aroma,

  • december 2005

    we begin with the first archaeological surveys

  • june 2009

    discovering hidden treasures and reclaiming textures

  • july 2009

    respecting, seeking harmony with the stone

  • august 2009

    we begin the build by stripping away the asbestos cement

  • september 2009

    creating a more solid base for our dream

  • october 2009

    with the necessary demolition

  • november 2009

    but preserving the past

  • december 2009

    and drawing a future

  • january 2010

    we build structures

  • february 2010

    and strengthen pillars

  • march 2010

    the arches beginning to frame a reality

  • april 2010

    and our imagination beginning to see the new light

  • may 2010

    we place the new plasterboard and the white begins to weave its magic

  • june 2010

    the air becoming purer

  • july 2010

    corners acquiring depth

  • august 2010

    beams providing security

  • january 2011

    arches hinting at curves

  • february 2011

    and light defining the air

  • march 2011

    the end that never comes

  • august 2011

    the joy of a dream come to life

  • september 2011

    to enjoy in silence and share with you, whenever you wish to join us.

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