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We know that these are difficult times for many of you, these are
difficult times for us too.
However, we are in good health and have the courage to face this new

We have just opened our doors this month of May. We have done so
step by step, choosing the path of safety every time. 

During this first phase, there will only be my son and I (the owner) 
working the hotel. It will be once we reach the second phase, early
this summer, when we expect the rest of the staff, Carmen and Encarni,
to come back.

At first we will only be offering 4 out of the 8 rooms that Viento10
has in total. In time, progressively, the remaining rooms will be again

We have decide there will be a span o at least 2 days between a stay
and the next for the same room.

Rigth from the very begininning cleanliness has been an essential
pillar at Viento10, this will only improve with the use of new
virucidal cleaning equipment.

We continue to offer our wonderful Viento10 breakfast, that has not
changed, only seats will be limited.

The spa, however, will remain closed for the time being.

We have drawn up a Safety Protocol following all the recommendations
that the health authorities have been publishing to the date.
 We will be updating the information regarding Covid19, detailing all
those measures that we are implementing so that Viento10 continues to
bean Oasis of harmony and well-being.

Feel free to contact us for any questions you have.

With our best wishes.

Gerardo Holgado Manzanares, Manager and Owner
34 957764960
34 677588790

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