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This first edition of FLORA brought 8 international floral artists that transformed the Festival’s chosen patios into 8 unrecognizable stunning spaces. Located in some of the most representative buildings of Córdoba, this works have resulted in a delightful little tour through memory, art and heritage. These ephemeral floral installations will be open to the general public from the 20th to the 29th of October.

The artists reinterpret the traditional notion of Córdoba’s patios from a different point of view and cultural context, thus creating an extraordinary perspective of our heritage. FLORA International Flower Festival presents us with an unusual cultural exchange between a traditional space (Córdoba’s patios) and the contemporary art techniques nowadays; a gentle chat between tradition and innovation that is bound to be a must in the Spanish cultural agenda.

I would only give you one advice, forget the competition, try to enjoy the occasion, walk through the patios, gaze upon those new angles the installations offer, catch the scent of the city floating in the air, stop and let time pass a bit, bid your troubles farewell, give in to this floral stroll. 

And that would be all. And these are some the things I saw when walking this first FLORA walk.

Posada del Potro 1
Posada del Potro 2
Vimcorsa 1
Vimcorsa 2
Palacio de Orive
Archivo Municipal 1
Archivo Municipal 2
Museo Taurino 1
Museo Taurino 2
Rey Heredia 1
Rey Heredia 2
Museo Arqueológico
Fundación Gala 1
Fundación Gala 2

Photo by Luis Calvo & Leica V-Lux


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