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Walks are a perfect match for the city of Córdoba, they constitute a vital part of the city's soul, part of its character too. No wonder Córdoba remains among the 150 cities where this famous walk takes place. Jane's Walk act as an initiative after Jane Jacobs, a re-known activist that rethought how life quality in the cities was measured.

Jane Jacobs (1906-2006), journalist and self-taught urban theorist, was one the most influential authors to this day. She changed the way in which we now look upon any city. She tried to stop monstrous projects that intended to destroy her beloved New York and succeeded. She ended up writing “The Death and Life of Great American Cities” a resounding breakthrough on the matter. She lead the movement that put a stop to one of the biggest housing developments of Robert Moses, the great New York's city planner: a highway that would have split the island of Manhattan in two, severing neighborhoods like the Greenwich Village, Nolita (North of Little Italy) or her dear Washington Square Park. Her activism even inspired operas.

 Jane's Walk in Córdoba

 They are free routes that takes us throughout the city attempting to introduce us into the wonders of Córdoba, volunteers and supporter of Jane's ideals will lead the way. Every walk has a specific theme chosen by the volunteer. The walks take place the first weekend of May in more than 150 cities all over the world.

When Jane Jacobs died, in Toronto, some of her friends wanted to commemorate her legacy and ideals through an annual Walk Festival (this would be its tenth edition). Córdoba joined the project in 2012 and to the day nearly 50 guides and more than 1500 persons have taken part in it.

When and where.

The sixth edition of the Jane's Walk in Córdoba will take place the 6th and 7th of May. The Walks are free and guaranteed by the expertise of the volunteers. You will merely have to go to the chosen spot at the agreed time to engage them. You could also follow up the local event and choose the walk that suits you best through their Facebook page o in the web of the association.


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