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Cordoba has more than 500 hectares of green zones and 82.000 trees distributed throughout the city. These astonishing figures come from the 44th National Conference of Public Parks and Gardens that is taking place these days in Córdoba. Within this vast number of trees there are unique ones in the city that, just like the Synagogue or La Mezquita, are worth a visit.

In order to fully comprehend and enjoy the unique nature of these trees you will need much more than just my words. For that matter the Guide to Unique Trees of Córdoba, published in 2014, presents a well documented manuscript with which you will be able to locate and visit the most interesting specimens in the city, but also promenade its beautiful gardens.

You shall see the hundred-year-old Carob tree in the Gallegos Gate, or the tree of Love at the gates of San Rafael cemetery, or the spectacular Ceibo (also known as coral tree) that shares the Garden of Orive with a gigantic Jacaranda, the oldest in the city; not to mention the Chinaberry in the Almodóvar Gate, or the Himalayian Cedar that grows in the Dueñas square, or the lush Cedar of Lebanon in the Agricultural Gardens very close to the Ginkgos from China, and Elms and Ash trees and Mulberry trees and Orange trees from China and Palm trees...

However, if you are still not satisfied, in the Guadalquivir banks, in the very same spot that Al-Hakem II built the first botanic garden of Europe, you will find the Royal Botanic Garden of Córdoba, a enriching and delicious walk through the world's botanic diversity.

Note: Download the whole book “Guía de Árboles Singulares de Córdoba” here.

Cedar of Lebanon in the Agricultural Gardens


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