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Walking is not only a kind recommendation but of the utmost necessity if you wish to truly know and enjoy Cordoba. Its tangled urban scene takes us again and again to the days of the Caliphate. We shall not see squared blocks nor parallel streets, instead an enormous and rich treasure lays at our feet waiting to be seen when passing by. The old city is big and round and this roundness happily result in walkable distances. Paseo is Cordóba's middle name.

Metrominuto might be specially useful when walking around Córdoba. It informs us of the time it will take us to reach your destination, just like any other major metropolitan transport system would but with the difference of this being measure as if going on foot. It will shock you how close the places of interest are to Hotel Viento 10.

Forget the car and walk! It is the only way to know and feel the city of Córdoba.



Metrominuto stands as an initiative developed by Córdoba's city hall and the “Red de ciudades que caminan” society. Download your map here.


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