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It is around the middle of the XIXth century when marking the streets with personal names becomes a fashion. A questionable fashion that allowed Governments trends to do and undo almost at will since then. Before that, names were chosen by the actual users of those spaces. The names of streets and squares would traditionally tell us about their origin, purpose or common use; one could always relate to a story underneath.

Take for instance our street, Ronquillo Briceño -the chief magistrate who ordered the construction of the “Plaza de la Corredera”-, up until the XXth century the street went by the name of “Calle del Viento” (street of the wind); which owed its name to the winds that this street collects from its proximity to the great meander of the river Guadalquivir. Wind that leads into “Calle del Sol” (street of the sun) -today “Calle Agustín Moreno”- named so for its accurate east to west orientation that results in a complete lack of shade during summertime.



Why do streets in Córdoba have two names?

A certain book written by Teodomiro Ramírez de Arellano in 1873, “Paseos por Córdoba” (“Promenades around Córdoba”), a regional best-seller at the time, would be to blame. The book discloses a vast inventory of events that happened in the city arranged by the streets and locations were they took place. Naturally Teodomiro used the popular names of the streets. However, time passed, streets were given new names and the old ones lost their shine and were almost forgotten. Around 1985 the Town hall drew a plan to restore the old tiles and to reinstate replicas of those who had disappeared. Thereby, most of streets in the old city today have two names. In order to guide the promenade you ought to use the one with bigger tiles above, although, I suggest you read the smaller tiles, they bring up beautiful notes to the place where you stand.



The following link will redirect you to the famous book “Paseos por Córdoba” (a pity there is no translation).



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