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Whenever we visit a city we try to fit in with local inhabitants, we desire not to be pointed out as tourists, we want to feel what is like to be one of them, experience in truth their daily life, we search to know a place’s soul.

It is difficult to make it happen more even if we just stick to the official touristic agenda the city offers. Luckily for us there is always social media. There we can connect with others like us in search of true traveling experiences, we can exchange knowledge and those little tips on what to do that can really make the difference. 

For instance, if you like to draw you can join the Urban Sketchers of Córdoba every Saturday morning. The activity is open for everybody and is free. When the activity ends the results are shared in some tavern over a glass of wine, there you will be exposed to the fauna of the city, its happy inhabitants, and will talk about those sweet little corners you discovered that morning.

Who are these Urban Sketchers

Well, it is a social media artistic movement founded in 2007, that reached Spain in 2008 and has over two hundred active members all over the country, that is active sketchers. There is, for instance, twenty or so groups in Andalucía made of professional as well as amateur sketchers. The main objective is to encourage people to draw in situ using as inspiration daily city life. Their moto: “We show the world, one drawing at a time”. Also they publish it all on line through blogs and social media.

Sketches were a common practice up until the late XIXth century when technological breakthroughs turned a good old tradition into useless effort. However, this new century has brought it back to life somehow, sketching grows in popularity every year. The group located in Córdoba is especially active, they are very easy to locate and you can access their agenda through their Facebook page.

What if I feel uncomfortable with my own drawings?

Well, there is a solution for that too. A professional and experienced Sketcher, Rafael Obrero, will teach you the basic principles to use watercolors while you walk the city. Journeys in the mornings are 4 hour long and funny as hell. (+ info here)



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