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Grids and Balconies contest.

In a way the popularity of the Córdoba May Patio Festival has outshone a very important part of this popular contest. Along with the Patio Festival is also held the Popular Contest of Córdoba's Grids and Balconies. 

The participating neighbors compete by dressing up the traditional grids and balconies in their homes with beautiful flowers. This contest is as old as the Patio one, and even more popular since it doesn't require to have a patio at home, a humble window is all that we need to show the love we, the inhabitants of Córdoba, have for flowers.

Geraniums, “gitanillas” (wild geraniums) and carnations are the indisputable queens of this other May, although, recently, due to plagues affecting these particular flowers, the neighbors are replacing them with more resilient species such as petunias or azaleas.

Pay attention to detail, walk slowly through the streets these days so you don't miss a First Prize grid or balcony, even if those are very difficult to miss. Indeed, Córdoba offers much more in May, not just Patios. Streets and little squares explode with color and joy in Spring.


Popular Contest of Córdoba's Grids and Balconies takes place from the 2nd to 14th of May, although you can enjoy them all throughout the blooming.
Click here to download the 2017 MAP of Grids and Balconies.


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