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Inscribed in 2012 on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, the Fiesta of the Patios in Córdoba brings us every spring the rejuvenated essence of the city, with its traditional joie de vivre.  

This distinctive style of architecture sinks its roots deep into the roman origin of the city and consolidates throughout the six centuries of Islamic culture in Spain. It is also, and especially, a phenomenon that outlines with a clear eye the intimacies of the city, its quiet soul, that which makes it beautiful and unique.

Built from a restored XVth-century patio (with even some well preserved remains dating from the XIth century), from the very first moment, Hotel Viento 10 gives you a space that echoes the patio philosophy: peace, silence and intimacy. In time, we shall slowly strip from its secrets the cultural jewel that the Patios are.

Meanwhile, and in order to further understand the relevance this hives of life have to the character of the city, I encourage you to watch this ethnographic documentary “Patios y gentes” produced by ETNOCORDOBA Estudios Socioculturales and brilliantly coordinated by José María Manjavacas, professor of Social Anthropology in the University of Córdoba.




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