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Trevor Haddon might possibly be the last romantic traveler to draw the city of Córdoba. There is but a few lines on this British artist in the Wikipedia (there is nothing as far as Spanish goes):

Arthur Trevor Haddon was born on 22 August 1864 in London. He entered the Slade School of Fine Art in 1883, where he studied under Alphonse Legros. He also studied withHubert von Herkomer from 1888 to 1890. Although he lived primarily in London and Cambridge, Haddon traveled to Rome, Madrid, Venice, California, South America, Hawaii, and Asia. He died in Cambridge on December 13, 1941 at age 77.

Searching the web I’ve managed to add some more information; for example, between 1886 and 1887 he visited Spain and even studied in Madrid for a year, a period of time in which he also traveled the country. There is however no evidence that, after this period, he had visited Spain again, hence the drawings of Spain and Córdoba he must have done them during his stay in 1886; he was just 22.

The aquarelles made that year would later, in 1908, be part of a book about Southern Spain that he himself wrote and illustrated; the book contains a rich series of drawings of Córdoba. Haddon was not only interested in the city’s monuments but also in the uses and traditions of its people. The patios (courtyards) are the center of everyday life in Córdoba; there, among the lonely and narrow streets of the city, the artist did venture. There did he find the domestic scenes he was looking for and drew them. The legacy: a good sample of our own lives within our beloved patios –as of today Intangible Cultural Heritage and a top touristic attraction.

It is not easy to label Trevor Haddon, he touches too many styles and fashions. There are some that consider him a romantic, others say he is more of an impressionist, there are even some that think of him as part of the Pre-Raphaelite brotherhood. He was a great aquarelle painter, a technique he mastered and used generally during his many voyages. Although he also excelled in oil painting, then his aquarelles were of very good use as they made great sketches. Nowadays his work is not as popular as it used to be, and it is also relatively affordable.


Illustrated book by Trevor Haddon
“Southern Spain”






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