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Albert Kahn (1860- 1940), besides a banker of Jewish background, was a philanthropist and a cultural promoter. In 1898, at the age of 38, he decided to start “The Archives of the Planet”, a universal project thought to be a dream that he made it come true. He spent a big part of his fortune filming and documenting the World. He paid for the latest and best equipment so the professionals traveling the Planet could record its landscapes, its monuments and its people. Within this photographic and cinematographic atlas of the World, there are 76 pictures of Córdoba taken in 1914.

The interesting thing about these photos is that they were taken under the Autochrome procedure for color pictures –procedure patented in the year 1903 by the Lumière brothers; the only color procedure until the year 1935. Thus, we find here the first color pictures of Córdoba. It is a quite thing!

On top of that, seeing all the monuments and their surroundings captured at the time differ very little from the images we have today, 100 years later, hits me like an incredible thing. And it also makes me think about the aspects, some very positive some not so much, that made the preservation of our cultural heritage possible. However, for better or worse, whichever the reasons, we can all enjoy now this monumental and lovable city, as a visitor or as a humble inhabitant. One of the most attractive and evocative cities of Spain.

The love we profess to our city’s past and footprints have already been awarded with three World Heritage prizes by the UNESCO… and we are going for the fourth one.


Although these pictures are available in all the records that “The Archives of the Planet” hold in its web site, I have made a personal selection for you to enjoy.



Puerta de Almodóvar
Puerta de Almodóvar 2
Plaza del Potro
Altar de la Calle Lineros
Portillo de San Francisco
Palacio de Orive
Consevatorio de Música
Fuente de la Piedra Escrita
Fuente de la Piedra Escrita 2
Plaza del Potro sin el triunfo de San Rafael
Plaza del Potro. Llenando cántaros
Plaza del Potro 2
Posada del Potro
Calle de la Feria
Puerta del Puente
San Francisco
Plaza de la Corredera. Casas de Doña Jacinta
Vendedor de pollos en la Corredera
Iglesia de San Lorenzo
Museo de Bellas Artes


These photos belong to Auguste Léon stock and are reproduced with the authorization of:

Collection Archives de la Planète - Musée Albert-Kahn/Département des Hauts-de-Seine.
collections.albert-kahn.hauts- de-seine.fr



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