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Wind is a a plot between Sun and the Earth’s rotation. Wind is a creator god right from the very beginnings of man kind. Wind carries seeds and life, shapes mountains and creates dunes and waves. Neither rain nor fresh water would exist without the doings of wind, that is to say there is no human life without the continuous action of the wind. Wind creates, there lies its divinity. But once a god also a demon and wind carries destruction in the form of hurricanes or tornadoes, and that is the other true face of life and creation.

Among all elements of Nature, Wind is the most unpredictable, most playful, most free of them. There is no telling when will it come nor when will it go. Despite its mischievous nature we have learned to live with it, we have adapted, we can feel it because we know it well. And we have made it work for us to mill our grain, to move the ships that allowed us to reach and discover every corner of the Earth, we have even used it to make music. But above all, we have learned to respect its enormous power.

Writers, poets, musicians, painters, they all worship it like a god. “Kings rule over all things but the wind.” wrote Victor Hugo. “The answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind” sung Bob Dylan. “You desire to meet divinity, then feel the warm sun in your hands and the wind blowing through you.” prayed Buddha. And Herman Melville fiercely wrote: “If I were the wind I would stop blowing in such a coward and wicked world. I would crawl into a cave and stay there. Wind is, however, a noble and heroic being.”

Wind is in the way we speak, especially whenever we talk about character or fate. The pessimist complains about the wind, the optimist hopes it changes, the realistic one adjusts sails. Seneca used to say that “When we don’t know where we are headed, wind blows against us”. 

Throughout time we have adapted to the comings and goings of the winds, and whenever we are lost we are at the mercy of the winds. We can go against all odds, or else ride the winds. We can be cautious, careful no to plant winds to avoid the storms derived from them. Or like in that proverb: “There is no tree that the wind hadn’t already shaken”. And when you feel everything is against you, remember that a plane takes off against the wind; but that an intelligent man does not pee against it.

There are winds such as the Trade winds or the Monsoon that determine the clime of whole continents. There are also very located earth winds such as the Terral wind blowing from the North and that, in a way, belongs to Málaga people, who fear it.

Last but not least, every city has its very own Wind street. There are even some cities that with the street specify the wind: Solano (east wind), Mistral, Levante (other kind of east wind), Poniente (west wind), Tramontana (north wind), Céfiro (other kind of west wind)… and all the other names we have given Wind in an effort of knowing whether it is a god or a demon.

From our very own Wind street, today we wanted to present you with this Rosa de los Vientos Españoles so you too can find your wind, the one that better moves you.



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