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For a long time, in order to research the past, going to libraries was an unavoidable necessity. Finding old pictures of a city constituted an almost archaeological task, one even had to ransack every known antiquarian and flea market. However, and fortunately, it all belongs now to the past, thanks to the Internet and especially the social networks.

There is no city these days that does not have one or several social network groups dedicated to finding and publishing all photographic records of that very same city. At first there were not a lot of past pictures to be found, today, however, one finds thousands of them, plus other interesting historical data.

Facebook is without any doubt the true champion of social networks. Facebook allows users to upload pictures and comment them, share and criticize information, create a personal profile based on interests. Persons ranging from 30 to 60 years of age account for the majority of users of this social network, which makes Facebook an unbeatable giant as far as this sort of content is concerned (pictures).There are several groups located in Córdoba working towards this end: gathering historical photographic records of the city. Our rich heritage made us, citizens of Córdoba, keen on investigating the past. I particularly enjoy the group “Historia de Córdoba en Imágenes” (A History of Córdoba in Images) for the following reasons. First, the group gathers more unpublished material than any other: since the group was created in Facebook hundreds of Córdoba men and women have uploaded countless of previously unknown graphic records of the city that must have been hidden in some recondite drawer. Second, the intellectual quality of its members, amateurs that carry out the tasks of finding and selecting those unpublished graphic records in such an incredible professional manner; they also show great public spirit and education. There is not a question, meaningless that it may seem, that won’t receive a polite and reasoned answer. The group also shows the generosity of those that voluntarily upload those bits and pieces of treasure that is the common History of Córdoba.

Those with an interest in the city they are definitely going to enjoy going through the group’s publications. Besides being a formative tool it also gives a more complete idea of Córdoba. Even if you have just set foot in the city this Facebook group will prepared you for the treasure ahead. You can find pictures from the XIXth and the XXth centuries but also some films shot in Córdoba. There are also articles and illustrated texts about the history of the city.

I suggest you take a peak!

Bathers in the Guadalquivir until 1950.
Tourist Office at the corner of Gran Capitán and Ronda de Tejares.


The pictures illustrating this text came all from the Facebook page "Historia de Córdoba en Imágenes" (A History of Córdoba in Images).



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