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The first issue we face when looking up restaurants on-line in Córdoba would be choosing the right Córdoba in the world. For instance, Córdoba, Argentina, has five times the population of our city, so it is likely that its presence on-line would be at least five times bigger. However, you can narrow the search by simply writing “Mezquita” right next to “Córdoba”; Andalucía, Moriles, Salmorejo… will also do.

The second obstacle is that many of the so-called culinary blogs of Córdoba are managed by restaurants, meaning that the information they provide might not be as objective as one might need it to be. There are other blogs that conduct themselves as lobbies; I am sure they offer good information but they also tend not to be very trustworthy.

Once we put aside these two kind of blogs, it is quite frightening to see the scarce amount of information generated by independent parties. Those blogs offer, in deed, interesting and trustworthy information. However, I have barely found out a couple of them still active focused on Córdoba cuisine –of course, I am more than open to suggestions if you know of any other blog. There are plenty but focused on a more general approach and I am specifically looking for very local blogs that might post articles on cuisine and master chefs from Córdoba. Well, let’s see what I have come across.


https://aderramar.blogspot. com.es/

Pepe Peinado and his gang are the sole creators of this blog. The method is simple and very effective: Pepe and his friends arrange a meeting in a Córdoba restaurant, they order and immediately begin analyzing every aspect of the service from the waiting times to the hygiene of the place, the quality of the products and prices. I am not saying their opinions are to be taken as the eleventh commandment, but they come very close to be a full and objective information on a given establishment. It is a good place to look for and compare restaurants. Perhaps the website needs an index page including all the restaurants visited and a general review with grades. Also they do not update closed restaurants.


http://sibaritacordobes. blogspot.com.es/

This “gastronaut BLOGZINE from Córdoba and the rest of the World”, as they themselves state, is not only dedicated to the city but other places too. I ignore who is the author. It has a lot posts on restaurants from Córdoba but also details about traditional dishes, wines and other matters related to Córdoba cuisine.

Joaquín Morales      

https://joaquinmoralesblog. com/

This is not just a culinary blog but it contains a good collection of interesting articles dedicated to wines from Córdoba. You should never forget that one does not eat well where a good wine is not served.

And that is about it. I have not found any other impartial blog on Cordoba cuisine. Regarding those other blogs I shall write something about them too, as they hold interesting information nonetheless. As an appetizer I add a website sponsored by Socidedad de Plateros in which Manolo Bordallo writes down numberless recipes from Córdoba so you can try them at home.



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