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Everything in Viento10 is pure sensuality. We capture the world with our five senses (well… perhaps six), they mean the tools with which we build sensations, we tell beauty from ugliness, hot from cold, soft from hard...

We design your stay with each one of the five senses in mind and we take care of every little detail. It is not easy to keep up with this city of patios and flowers.

We tend to Taste with our special breakfasts; we spoil Touch with our fabrics and Spa; Hearing with peace of mind and Sight with everything else. Smell wanders the rooms going from flower to flower.

And whenever our flowers are in need we reach to the BUREAU DELLAFLEUR and the delicate and wise hands of Javier Casado, a top designer and a true friend with a big heart.

Months pass, new seasons are born and Javier comes back to us filled with ideas, ready with colors and fragrances, and from a corner of the patio he begins the laborious task of keeping spring alive in Viento10. Guests are drawn to this little big happening. Whenever I am around I go see the whole process. There is a bit of alchemy, something I cannot quite grasp but, instead, feel. The sound of those names for example: leucospermun, philodendron, leucadendrum, chrysanthemum… And I learn but it is something else too. To see a garden grow in just day; what was once a blank space is now full of life.

It is hard to put into words what Javier achieves with flowers. Fortunately we have pictures of these brief pieces of Nature, a touch of love so your stay in Córdoba, in Viento10, results in the best experience.


Verano 2017
Ágaves, nopales y anthurium rojos
Ágaves, nopales y anthurium rojos y blancos
Otoño 2017
Crisantemos, cineras y bayas de eucalipto
leucospermun rojos y naranjas
Leucospermun, cinerea y leucadendrum
Primavera 2017
Para las mesas de Sala.
Javier Casado


On our Facebook page you can see a video of the creation process of these floral centers.


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