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For us, natives, it is hard to believe there are people willing to visit the city in July and August. I feel for them. They decided summer time was the best time to come and explore Córdoba. And I guess it is all right, vacations cannot always take place whenever we would like them to be. Besides, visitors will eventually leave, and that makes it less of a tragedy. Nevertheless, since we do have to endure this hellish temperatures year after year, we have learned valuable little tricks to go through summer unharmed. Here is a basic guide to enjoy a tour in Córdoba: the Summer laws. 

First and most important: change the time of your meals those days. Trust me, we have mastered the art of surviving the heat, we eat around 3 in the afternoon for a reason. Don't try eating at 12, you will force your body to digest during the hottest hours of the day, and it won't be pleasing. Then, right after lunch, go take a nap. Find a cool place, seek refuge in the room, disappear for a few hours and rest. A nap is vital, even more so if the next Summer law tell us to stay up late and wake up early in the morning.

Wake up at first light! We tend to be early risers and do most of our routines in the morning. From the break of dawn until midday is the best time to carry out our to-do lists. Temperature is not that high and that allows us to buzz the city with little suffering. So hear me out. Squeeze the early hours of the day, use them to explore or go shopping, save the visit to the Mezquita and other emblematic buildings for last, as those are also cool inside. Most of them have air conditioning, besides the Mezquita is a huge cellar, high ceilings and thick walls keep temperatures stable and low. Walk slowly and in the shade and the city will still grace you with a joyful holiday.

Well, now it is time to have lunch: three o'clock. Here is the law. Avoid pretty little terraces, it will be too hot to eat “al fresco”, it is better to stay cool and safe inside. As far as eating goes, eat whatever you feel like eating. However, it is better to start with a fresh dish: gazpacho, salmorejo and salads are good options here. Then you can go for some fish or meat. Also, drink cautiously, you don't want to wake up with a hangover from your “siesta”. If you still choose to quench your thirst with alcohol, I suggest you order a “tinto de verano”, or “vargas” as we call it in Córdoba: red wine mixed with an equal part of soda. It is a refreshing cocktail and it will keep you hydrated, plus it goes well with any meal.

Take a nap. Just like we have already told you, the city empties after noon. Unless you are desperate for a unique photographic moment, you had better disappear as well. A “siesta” of about an hour or so will be the best remedy against the heat. You will wake up fully restored, relaxed. Take the time afterwards for yourself, your own things. Enjoy our Spa and a full body massage without leaving Viento10. Don't rush your going back out, take a moment and read, do simple forgotten stuff until the sun begins to set, only then the second part of the day takes place. Enjoy it!

Summer nights in Córdoba are long nights. You can go to see a movie at the Summer cinemas, an old entertaining tradition in the city. Go to a terrace, night time is the best time to enjoy them. I always end up in terraces close to the river or gardens, they are the coolest ones. Chill and simply look life happening everywhere around you. Up until two in the morning terraces usually remain open.

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