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The cask of Amontillado” is the famous title of one of the best stories of Edgar Allan Poe, a tale of vengeances in which a cask of Amontillado lures the victim into a most gruesome fate. Well, my friend, you are indeed in the land of this desired wine. The Amontillado, along with the Pedro Ximénez, is the crown jewel of the winery Montilla Moriles. Although they are not easy to find, nor even in its own country. It is only in certain taverns and bars where one might be able to enjoy such an exquisite wine.

The name of Amontillado comes from the region where the wine was born and is still grown since the XVIII century: Montilla. There is also Amontillado in Jerez, however, just like French champagne or Catalan cava, the best comes always from the place of origin, so Amontillado from Córdoba. Its oenological characteristics place it between Fino and Oloroso wines. The secret to its bouquet lies in the number of years aging in a barrel, so it is for Oporto and Madeira wines too. Being of an amber shade, the darker and older the better, and thus more expensive. The color comes from its second fermentation process, of oxidative nature, in other words, without the protection of the flower veil (a yeast that thrives and protects wines from the air while aging) and therefore exposed to drastic temperature changes that result in the intense absorption of all the aromas in the oak. It is quite a thing to see: cellars populated by long lines of casks containing the liquid that, with time, will prosper into the precious Amontillado. Under the burning southern sun, protected only by a thin thatched layer, experts consider it a very rare and complex wine.

A glass of Amontillado in Córdoba might lead us to a mystical voyage. But you ought to be careful for it is a wine of high alcohol content, around 20 º. The best way to enjoy a good Amontillado is to drink it alone letting the wine develops in our palate. It is also a nice companion to a good meat or a strong cheese, even to a Cuban cigar.

 Where to find it in Córdoba.

One can order a nice Amontillado in Bodegas Campos or Sociedad de Plateros, both very close from the Hotel. One can also buy bulk or bottled Amontillado in Bodegas Gallo and, again, in Sociedad de Plateros.


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