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Many are the Spanish dishes that have traveled the world: “paella”, “tortilla de patatas”, “fabada”, “cachopo”, “ensaladilla rusa”, “croquetas”, “cocido”, “gazpacho”… however none of those delicious dishes have orbited the Earth, with the single exception of our beloved “salmorejo”.

Yes my friends it was no other than the most typical Córdoba dish of all, and it was not the “flamenquín” nor the “rabo de toro” (bull tail) they have not make into space yet. According to the article published by The Washington Post around 2001 it was Pedro Duque, former astronaut and current Minister of Science and Technology, the one who back then suggested “salmorejo” would be a terrific dish for the astronaut’s diet in space.

Space programs nowadays are quite aware of the specific needs and challenges that astronauts face; as they will have to spend long periods of time in the space station their diet needs to be as healthy and nutritious as possible. And it seems that the Mediterranean diet has stepped up as the better and more complete option. 

I am guessing that Pedro Duque did not have a difficult time convincing NASA to include in the menu this famous Córdoba dish for it resembles very much the all time America’s favorite Campbell's Condensed Tomato Soup. I am also guessing that in comparison with Campbell’s tomato   soup “Salmorejo” must have been a holy blessing for their palates.

So, now you know! Just remember whenever among friends from other regions of Spain (Asturias, Valencia, Galicia…) you talk about the best regional food do not look down and make them acknowledge the fact that Mediterranean diet is better executed in Andalucía, then as a final touch you could bring up that the only Spanish typical dish to travel into space was “Salmorejo”.

So you say you do not know how to prepare a good “Salmorejo”?

Well, it must be your lucky day. Córdoba Salmorejo receipe, an organization solely dedicated to safeguard the quality and purity of our godly red dish, will teach you to prepare the best traditional “Salmorejo”.

Bon appetit!



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