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Nowadays Córdoba is quite an active city. Shows and cultural events are daily programmed throughout the many flourishing spaces the city has to that end. We have gathered here the most relevant sites in the web, so you are at all times informed about what is happening in the city.




ANDALOCIO is probably the best and more comprehensive guide on the city’s cultural life, a true reference among cultural news and information in Córdoba. It is also a platform that promotes young artists and a place for debate and the exchange of ideas open to everybody. Also, next to every event published you will find a review and that is very helpful.


ARTE EN CÓRDOBA is not quite a cultural guide, although events are addressed in the web. There you can also hire guided tours and thematic walks around the city. It also has an on-line service where you can book your ticket to enjoy the main monuments and sites of the city.


TELEAGENDA is a service provided by the city-hall of Córdoba that offers information about what is happening in the city; very comprehensively.


SOY CÓRDOBA is a web site and an event App in Córdoba. You can find all sorts of events there: Concerts, live music, gastronomy, culture, entertainment, fairs, shows, theaters, flamenco… You can search through the calendar by category and get the best results.




Diario CÓRDOBA /  http://www.diariocordoba.com/

CORDÓPOLIS /  http://cordopolis.es/

El Día de Córdoba / http://www.eldiadecordoba.es/

ABC Córdoba / http://sevilla.abc.es/andalucia/cordoba/


CULTURAL INSTITUTIONS in the city keep their websites updated with their own cultural programmings.


Córdoba Culture
The City-Hall provides information about the events organized by the institutions that are under its founding as part of the cultural agenda. Among them, you will find the Theaters of the city and the Córdoba Orchestra.


Medina Azahara
The palace city has an interpretation center. You can book a visit on his website and even organize your trip there.



University of Córdoba (UCO)
In its web portal the University offers updated information about the cultural events where the institution is involved.


The Arab House
The Arab House of Córdoba has a regular schedule of events that revolve around the 500 years of Arab culture in Córdoba.


Córdoba Botanical Garden
This interesting Garden, located where the ancient botanical garden (the first in Europe) was over a thousand years ago, also hosts activities on the weekends.


Andalucía Cinematheque
The Cinematheque offers a good programming at low popular prices.


Performing Arts Municipal Institute (IMAE)
It manages the two main theaters of the city.


Córdoba Orchestra
It is a very active institution. It has a steady programming throughout the year. It also hosts live concerts and contributes to other events.


Contemporary Art Center of Córdoba (C3A)
Although it is still a young venue, its programming is consistently growing: workshops, expositions and several other activities are always taking place within its walls.


Gala Foundation
It is an artist residence with a lot of cultural events open to the general public, most of them  literature related.



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