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I am almost certain that at least one of you have heard of Gabi Delgado, well, that is if you are my age and have partied the night like my generation has. In my mind still echoes that little big pub in the old Jewish hood, “Varsovia” was the name back in the 80’s: cutting edge stuff.

Gabi Delgado was born in Córdoba in 1958, right in Manríquez street, or so the king said in a recent interview. He spent his childhood here but in 1966, he parted alongside his family to Germany (just like many other families did then). It is there, however, that his musical career starts; with time he would become one of the most influential musician in Germany.

Music runs through his veins non-stop. He tries London for long while and then comes back to Germany where he hangs with a few punk bands; he is also in the fanzine business, Punk fanzines of course. He was a punk pioneer.

In 1978 along with Robert Görl, an old school drummer, he founded the electro-punk band “German-American Friendship” (DAF), he lead the band and wrote the lyrics. Up until 1981 the band had five members, however after their third album “Alles Ist Gut” they would become an internationally acclaimed duo.

DAF (in essence a Dada and futurist band) was one of the milestones within the New Deutsche Welle, the Techno Houseand the Electroclash. Their album “Alles Gut”, for instance, was granted the German Record Award.

Gabi Delgado is considered by many a living legend of the German New Wave. A forerunner of post-punk and the later synthetic sounds; a personality of cult within the underground German movement. His music was a big influence on electronic music, especially on EBM (Electronic Body Music) and other techno tendencies.

DAF was acclaimed by John Peel, a renowned musical critic, as “the goodfathers of techno” and considered crucial for the development of Detroit’s techno and Chicago’s house scenes. Peel said that he had heard acid house six years before it even existed, DAF brought it to him.

DAF was in the top five most selling bands in Germany around 1981, a hard competition if you consider one of the contenders: the almighty Kraftwerk with Mensch-Maschine.

Hereunder you will find some links where you can further read about this great musician raised in Manríquez street. Not to mention he has just come back with unusual strength.


His official web site


Here he is chatting about psychotropics and other stuff in the Plaza de la Corredera, in Córdoba.

The next video shows him walking around Córdoba while he is interviewed by Kaput - Magazin für Insolvenz & Pop, a long interview in which Gabi Delgado drifts, a bit homesick, trying to go back to that kid growing up in Córdoba, that old city to where his roots still linger.

Now, without further ado … Ladies and gentlemen I give you… Gabi Delgado!



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