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Summer fades away, temperatures decrease and a gentle breeze cools the punished earth of Córdoba, and this will last until Christmas. Summers are very hard to endure, in exchange –you can call it justice– the remaining seasons treat us kindly and we can finally walk the streets at any hour. This Fall, just like any other Fall in Córdoba, opens with poetry: the Cosmopoética Festival. 

I don’t know with certainty the season artists and musicians point their muse to. It seems, though, that poets prefer Fall before any other season (except maybe Spring). Might be the new colors, the first gloom after many days of nothing but blue skies…, fact is that poets are drawn to it, Fall suits them; it suits Córdoba too.

Perhaps Fall could be a good reason to explain the success of the Cosmopoética Festival: fourteen years growing International echoes. Ten days during which the city fills with poetry from all over the world. This edition will have in México its guest country.

Not only that, this year agenda includes an exhibition in the Creation hangar of Córdoba. Constellations. Experimental poetry in Spain (1963-2016), the C3A focuses, for the first time, on the presence and repercussion of visual and experimental poetry in Spain since the sixties. It is a great time to be in Córdoba.


Cosmopoética 14. Poetry crosses.
From the 28th of september to the 7th of October.

A festival of many shades and colors, different sensibilities and true desire to get in touch with the audience. This year’s Festival promises to keep on knocking prejudices and hidden walls down. Poetry will reach every one of us through music, movement, art, literature. The main theme will be the Frontier; and we will look upon México.

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Constellations. Experimental Poetry in Spain (1963-2016)

From the 20th of september to the 7th of January of 2018.
Centro de Creación Contemporánea de Andalucía
The exhibition consists of 97 authors and nearly 400 works.

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