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“A diverse group of about fifteen or twenty people seated any way we can on improvised benches of all sorts or even on the floor of the “Plaza del Potro”, enjoying a cool, calm and  warm mood after a long satisfying, yet tiring, day's work. Most of them are young boys and girls from every corner of the world that have come to Córdoba with the sole purpose of taking the intensive guitar course that we are organizing in the “Posada del Potro”. There are also people from Córdoba, some friends and family of mine and neighbors from nearby streets that have joined us, attracted by the music and, maybe, the never-ending wine from the cellar of my dear friend Enrique Santos.”

So he, Paco Peña –who founded the Guitar Festival back in 1981–, defines  its beginnings. The popular “Plaza del Potro” in Córdoba, very close from Viento10, is a traditional place in the city full of memories of the past and possibly one of the first stages that embraced the vihuela, an instrument in between the Andalusian and the Spanish guitar.

More than three decades have passed since and the Córdoba's International Guitar Festival has managed to become one of the most important events of its kind in the country. Students all over the world visit us hoping to attend the workshops and lectures by the guitar virtuosos.

Organized today by the City Hall, all the best guitars in the world have carved their singular mark during the numerous Festivals. Although the Festival begun as a flamenco event, and it is still openly focused on Spanish guitar, nowadays there is no such thing as an unwelcome guitar. From the flamenco world: Paco de Lucía, Manolo Sanlúcar, Pepe Habichuela, Vicente Amigo..., and the list of great guitar players keeps going when talking about Jazz or Rock (BB King, Bob Dylan, Chuck Berry, Carlos Santana...)

This year edition the Festival opens its door the 30th of June up until the 9th of July. These are some of the guitar players that will play during the Festival: Michel Camilo and Tomatito, Lee Ritenour & Dave Grusin, Manuel Barrueco & Beijing Guitar Duo, Imelda May, Dhafer Youssef, José Mª Gallardo del Rey & Ezequiel Cortabarría…

Three stages will host the numerous concerts:  the Axarquía open-air theater for the bigger events, Góngora Theater for the smaller ones and the Great Theater as the main stage of the Festival.  Also, this year comes with a novelty, a cycle of musicals will air in the summer cinemas of the city accompanying the Festival. It was about time!

 Check all the information and get your tickets on the official website of the Córdoba's International Guitar Festival.



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