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Because of the correspondence he had with his wife Clotilde when he travels, we know that Joaquín Sorolla visited Córdoba for the first time at the end of march in 1902. “Impressions are so fast and so many that my head feels like a madhouse. We treated ourselves to such an artistic binge in Córdoba” he writes in one of the letters.

In 1910, art sponsor Archer Milton Huntington commissioned a series of wall paintings for the Hispanic Society Museum & Library to Sorolla. This series is known as “Vision of Spain”. In order to carry out this commission he set out on a journey throughout Spain in search for inspiration. It would be the first trip he made accompanied by his wife and children (María and Elena). Along with the family also traveled the American painter, and Sorolla's disciple, Jane Peterson, or Juanita as it was affectionately called.

 It is during this second journey when Joaquín Sorolla draws this astonishing note of the Patio of Orange Trees from the Cathedral's tower. Sorolla was already a very popular public figure at that time, it is very likely that he chose that particular site to get away from people addressing him continuously. The drawing already exhibits the deep knowledge of light of a master painter.

Sorolla, a profound garden and patio enthusiast, drew many of them in Andalucía but it seems Córdoba left him a vivid impression, since he titled one his Andalusian theme paintings “Patio Cordobés”.

Note: There are many other notes and drawings of the Patio of Orange Trees but this is, without a doubt, the most beautiful.


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